Monday, May 23, 2011

I LOVE my Job!

And you can tell because I spent my weekend making projects for my kids!  That's right... tie-die-ing (sp?) and making bean bags all for FIELD DAY!  It might be really fun or it might be eternally miserable.  I'll report back tomorrow!
Until then, these pictures will have to do! This is an abbreviated picture tutorial on how to tie-die a t-shirt a single color!

STEP 1: Put rubber bands on t-shirts in any pattern you want.  I did 17 shirts... in total, we did 65ish shirts as a group!
STEP 2: Put die into a large bucket - if you are not dying in the washing machine.  This is a kitty litter bucket!
STEP 2 - PART 2: Stir well.  May I recommend a garden stake.
STEP 3: Dump in your t-shirts.  A morsel of experienced wisdom.  I put in all of my dye and half of my t-shirts.  The second half came out much lighter than the first half.  I might recommend dumping them all in at first for the initial coloring and then giving each an additional fifteen minutes (ish) of soaking time.  Stir t-shirts, allowing each to be colored completely.  Use gloves to prevent hand coloration.  Use well-fitting gloves to prevent all coloration.  I had about a gallon of water in my glove when I was finished... and yellow fingernails.  
STEP 4: Shoot the breeze with your co-workers while the t-shirts soak.

STEP 5: Remove the shirts and lay out to dry... I do not have any pictures, because at this exact moment in time, our 95* sunny day began to be overcast and rainy.  So, I will post pictures of the finished shirts tomorrow... hopefully on children!  They turned out super awesome!

I'll be happy to answer any questions about my meager tie-dying experience!

My second weekend craft was these sweet bean bags for the beanbag toss!

I think they turned out really cute - especially with this polka-dotted fabric from the Hobby Lobby!

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