Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heartbreak In Craft World

I had this fabulous post all planned out about my first day of sewing class at JoAnn's last night.  It was beautiful, me and my sewing machine by the front door with a self-timer picture.  My fabulous argyle an polka dot pillow case that I was taking to a wedding this weekend to show off.  Life was going to be just right.

Until the phone rang.

Class canceled.  JoAnn's you have broken my heart.  Truly. 

My fabulous post will have to wait 11 days, until my class we rescheduled. 

Don't even THINK about canceling on me again. 
I have big plans for you sewing class - including some fabulous new curtains for my downstairs bathroom re-do that I will start showing you pictures of tomorrow!  Until then, we are off to a wedding in NC! 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Updated Bulletin Board

Last time my parents came to visit, they brought me my childhood bulletin board.  Hooray.  It was old, stained, and colored on... the only piece of property I ever defaced.  It was sad, but I couldn't throw it away.  I have a soft spot for it. 
So, it needed some spiffing up.  Some SERIOUS spiffing.  It sat in the garage, awaiting a brainstorm.  And then, I saw this fabulous upcycle of a bulletin board from Amber at I Saw This Going Differently In My Mind.  It was beautiful and stunning and I was determined to make one of my own! 

Here's how I did mine:
1) I painted the background white.  With the stains and fabulous invitations written to tea in Crayola marker it took about 5 coats.  I used acrylic paint and Kilz. 
Gus helped... 
2) I cut out a diamond the size I wanted on my Cricut and came downstairs to trace it.  My Craft Rescue Hero said he had a better way to do it.  It used about 11 tools.  I abdicated my place with my stencil and marker and did the dishes.  It came out like this.  I have no idea how it came to be.
3)  I used leftover gray paint from when I bought a sampler to do see if it was the right color for the room.  I put a dot in the center of the diamonds to be painted and then did the outline of each diamond.  Finally, I painted them in.  I did do extra coats on a few so there were no stroke marks. 
Final paint job
4) I used a ruler and a level to create dashes across the board.  Because my diamonds aren't exactly perfect, I just shot for the center of the line I was doing.  It didn't take a super long time, maybe 30 minutes.  I used the fine end of a Sharpie. 
5) I covered the center, took it out back and spray painted the edges black with leftover spray paint.  This is the final result, hanging in my craft room!
I did add a black bow across the bottom and made some fancy pushpins, just for the board.  I hot glued pearl beads onto dressmakers pins.  This was the only thing I spent money on... a grand total of $5! 
I am super proud of it... some more pictures for you!
Pearl Pushpins
I think it is way awesome and I am so proud of it... what do you think?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nature Made... Lesley Made

Yesterday, I went out to check my garden and look what I found...
That is 3 HUGE stalks of romaine lettuce.  About 50ish leaves.  And 4 meager green beans.  Way to go backyard garden... but a little pacing would be nice. 
This week's dinner menu:
Sunday - Caesar Salad
Monday - Taco Salad
Tuesday - Chef Salad
Wednesday - Salad Leftovers
Thursday - Car Picnic
Friday, Saturday - Wedding!

And while I was in the backyard, I got a little painting done.  Okay, a lot of painting.

Count 'em... six things checked off the list.  Lots and lots of projects coming to a close and a handful more getting ready to get started!
My little artists in training were working hard on not inhaling paint fumes, while sunning!

Get excited - tomorrow I have a big reveal of a project long in the making!  It started as a sad, old bulletin board... and I can't wait to show it to you!

Come back tomorrow for after!