Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flannel Lined Washcloths

It seems as though everyone I know is having or has had a baby of recent. 
Though there are no babies (with the exception of puppies) in my house, I want in on the baby crafts!
Thus, I thought the flannel lined washcloths were an excellent addition to my classroom, where I teach giant, eleven year old babies.
These washcloths are simple WalMart wash cloths paired with a 11 1/2 inch square flannel sheets.  Even me, an inept sewer could take care of these.  After cutting them, I sewed them, facing in leaving a small hole for flipping it right side out. A second seam around the edge for finishing detail and to close up the hole!
I think they are super cute and they are really soft!  Plus, this whole craft was less than $5!  Yay!
You know you love lime green camo....

Gus is not a fan of modeling...

Attila, my diva, thinks it is smashing!

You can do it too!  It's sew easy!  Pun intended! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Things I Love...

So, I have a really long list of things that I love.  In addition to my craft rescue hero and my sweet furbabies, the rest are pretty much crafting supplies.  My new-found joy is no exception... Baker's Twine.  I have seen it so many ways in the past, but now my favorite scrapbooking store Scrappin' In The City is now selling it by the yard!  And for a meager 50 cents a yard!  Pull out your quarters! 
This delightful twine comes from The Twinery which has tons of colors and a super cute blog with lots of great ideas!  Happy Crafting Everyone!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

May your Easter be filled with sweet memories,
Happiness, smiles, and tasty treats
May it be filled with colors so bright
Neon enough to light up the night

Courtesy of Dad
When you feast may dinner be delish
Tasty enough to lick your dish
And when you are finished you want to get off your legs
'Cause your belly is full of ham and eggs

"Ham and Eggs... Revisited" by Lesley Paige

After church it is time to relax
Especially if someone will scratch your back
You can't be scratched, if in the corner you sleeps
Dreaming of Busy Bones and Peeps!

After the feast we went for a walk,
Enjoying and laughing an Easter talk!
But watch in those trees for Angry Birds,
I think they plan to drop some ...

Craft Rescue Hero's Angry Birds
Last but not least, I hope your day is a blast
Shared with memories intended to last!
This poem might send your for an Easter day looper,
But we really hope that your day is SUPER!

Mom's Superman Egg!
Some assorted treats for the eyes...
Le Petit Lap Giraffe
Superman and Angel Fish courtesy of Mom
Miss you Dante... I want to see you eggs too!