Saturday, May 28, 2011

Field Day

On Tuesday, we had field day and awards day for the end of school!  It was a super special day and I have some great pictures to share... Don't those tie-die shirts look good?
Decorating Shirts! Go Yellow Dragons!

And then we went to awards!
The Auditorium does not lend itself to high quality pictures!
No pictures of the awards, I was handing them out!  But, these are our African Drummers at school who came to serenade the sixth graders.  They were in awe and I know my kids cannot wait to be 7th and 8th grade drummers!
Then... FIELD DAY!
The whole gang!


Egg-on-a-spoon Relay

Put on those pants!

Clothes Relay!

Longest Hula Hooper

Wheelbarrow Race aka Push your friends face into the grass relay

Wheelbarrow Quitters

100 Yard Dash - with the Eastern State champion runner

My Team!  Go Yellow Dragons!

Over-Under Sponge Relay and the event directly before I got a bucket of water on my head!

It was a wonderful experience and the kids loved it!  Their behavior was spectacularly good and they had a great time!  Definitely want to do it again next year!

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  1. Field days are awesome! That was always my favorite day in elementary school!