Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet Alison

I am so excited – and a bit nervous and honored – to write this blog post!  I am introducing my best friend Alison and linking up to Kelly’s Show Us Your Singles! 

Alison is my dearest friend since elementary school!  Let me tell you about my ketchup and crab cake–loving best friend!
Alison, on the left, was the maid of honor in my wedding
She is born and raised in the south, North Carolina to be exact.  Alison works as an elementary school music teacher in a rural North Carolina community, sharing her gift of music and teaching with hundreds of kids every week!  Additionally, she works in her family’s small church as a youth leader, Sunday School teacher, and choir member (and quite honestly – just about anything else).

When she isn’t working at church or school, Alison is busy being a devoted dog-mom to her sweet schnauzer named Max.  Additionally, Alison loves to spoil her sister’s son (and another one on the way).  Auntie A is definitely the best aunt on the block!   She is family-oriented and treasures her relationships with her parents, sister, and grandparents.  She is the first to lend a hand to those in need and has so many wonderful friends. 
Max, as a tiny puppy
Alison and her nephew
She loves going to concerts.  Alison is a 2008 music education graduate from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  Alison also likes to cook and bake.  Alison is crafty and creative!

Alison is looking for a gentleman with a heart for the Lord and a devotion to family and friends.  She wants to find a man who understands the value of faith and family and can make those a priority.  Also, Alison is looking for a partner who can appreciate all types of music and loves kids and dogs (especially Max). 

If you are interested in getting in touch with Alison, send me an email or reply on the blog and I will share contact information!  Thanks for stopping by!