Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiny Clipboards

One of my 12443662 jobs at school this year is being a part of the mentoring team!  I love helping new teachers get settled and answering all those questions that are lingering (it wasn't that long ago that I was new- sniff, sniff).
So, we decided to make an awesome craft for our new teachers to say welcome and it will be okay!  While Jessica, leadership team boss, and I were scrolling pinterest (surprise) we saw these super cute clipboards.  They are really easy to make, we thought.  Then we found out that Chili's no longer carries coasters - WHAT?!?!? Can you believe it?  Anyways, Jessica got put on making our own coaster duty which was a 4x4 square of cardboard with rounded colors. 
We added a 4x4 square of scrapbook paper on the front with double sided adhesive.  Then, we added a glammed up medium size binder clip.  Some has "scrapbook flowers" and some had a little ribbon hot glued on them.  The binder clip held on a new pack of sticky notes!  They turned out super cute and even the boys were faintly excited about it! 
The really good part - pictures!
 Check them out!
The "Finished" Pile!

Set up for the new teachers - owls, footballs, stripes and houndstooth - oh my!
The Fabulous Mrs. White modeling how the tiny clipboard is to be used!
I just love this cute little thing!  What do you think? 
And PS.... it is 100% recycled products - that's right - A FREE CRAFT!  Hooray!

Monday, August 15, 2011

O-Fish-Ally Back To School

Today was the first day of school and the children were in full force.  I have never been so thankful for a half-day of school.   I am absolutely EXHAUSTED!

But of course, the school year is not complete with out some back to school crafts!  I work with the best team members on a little island in our school - Team Langland Represent!  So, I wanted to make something for our little group that celebrates us and what do teachers want more than school supplies... snacks! 

Goldfish all around!
Nothing says "life is good" like treats in the mail room!

Whole Grain Goldfishes ... so cute!  I just wish I had a fishbowl
Everyone seemed to love them and the best part, there are still some left over for tomorrow!  And, I'll give the nod to pinterest for this fabulous idea!