Friday, May 27, 2011

Caterpillar Card

Last summer, I talked my mom into creating a handful of cards.  We whirled into one of my favorite stores and picked up some awesome supplies... she got a handful of these pre-made pieces and I made a few cards.
Little dark... sorry, cell phone camera picture!

Then, I promptly forgot about them....
Until Mom called about a compliment she got on one and I figured, in my crazy, over-self-estimating way, "I can do that again without the card - no problem!"  And off I went, to make another one.  I used Baker's Twine, hot glue, and my Cricket... okay and a few ribbons and a red ink pad with some left over paper from my "stash."

I am making a few for different things, but I just got one finished last night for an assistant principal at my school who is leaving for a new job at a local middle school!  I will miss her... and perhaps one day call on her for a new job, with less crazy kids!

Anyways, without further ado, the card... what do you think?

A close up of the text
So, my caterpillar might be my crafting pride and joy for creative thoughts.... he is a thick line of hot glue squeezed onto wax paper and allowed to cool... Then I pulled it off and wrapped him in Baker's twine!  I think it gives a unique look.... I did try to make feet and antennae, but they looked like deedlyboppers (those headbands with trinkets on springs) and a bad broom.  But I think it is clear enough it is a caterpillar!
Anyways, I have about 5 more half-finished upstairs.  Perhaps I should get started on those!

And PS - School is out for summer!  Watch out for CRAFT PRODUCTIVITY!

This weekend, I am linking up to the Tatertots and Jello weekend wrapup and the CRAFT blog!  Check out these wonderful blogs to gather some great ideas!

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