Friday, June 17, 2011

Fourth of July Wreath

I am not usually one for holiday decorating.  In fact, I almost never decorate for the holidays.  But, I saw this wreath made of foil and decided to try it for myself.  I made mine out of a cheap straw wreath from Hobby Lobby that I wrapped in 50% off satin ribbon.  I attached the flowers with the cheapest nails in large numbers I could get at Lowes.  I used a box and a half and they were $1.27 a piece.  I had everything else.... so all in all, less than $5!  Yay!
Without further ado, the pictures!
3 Sheets of Red, White, and Blue Cardstock Punched Out (I have lots of extra)
Nail of Choice
Just a few flowers
Happy Fourth of July!

Up Close!
 This was really easy, really inexpensive, and super cute!  Happy Fourth of July Everyone!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sewing Class - Part II

I so enjoyed myself at sewing class on Sunday, I went ahead and signed up for another class Wednesday morning!  I got all my supplied and packed my bags for another day of adventure.  My favorite sewing instructor, Madge, was teaching this class as well, to me and another lady.  And then, the other lady didn't show up, so it ended up being a personal lesson.  Just fine with me!  I have a lot of questions and need extra attention! 
But, at the end of three hours, I have a throw pillow, pattern reading skills, and a new friend named Madge.  There are no in-process pictures because I was busy thinking, but here is my final product!  What do you think of the contrasting pattern on the inside?

Throw pillows for Christmas all around! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lowes - the New Craft Supply Store

I saw this really cute necklace on a blog ... check it out!  So off to Lowes I went... it was next to Hobby Lobby and I was in a hurry!  With $5 worth of washers, I headed out to a delightful anniversary lunch with my Craft Rescue Hero at Cafe 4 in Market Square.  It was delicious - thanks CRH! 
When I came home, I started weaving this fabulous necklace and it only took me two tries to get it right!  YAY ME! If you know me, you know direction reading is not really my forte.  I can give lots of evidence too :)
Anyways, without further ado, here it is!
From A Distance
Up Close and Personal
What do you think?  I have supplies to make another - perhaps with a super cute ribbon instead of plain black!  I am curious to see what everyone thinks!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sewing Class

For all of you who read with bated breath and pencil all of my events on your calendar, you know that yesterday I finally got to take my sewing class at JoAnn's.  It was really fabulous and taught by an extremely patient lady named Madge who had been sewing since she was five.  She was really nice and helpful and never got frustrated with the six of us making a huge mess with pillow cases!  She was so patient, I signed up for her next level class on Wednesday morning - watch out for a new post!
Anyways, without further ado: my first pillowcase!
Argyle and Polka Dots - Does it get any better?
"So soft and silky, just like me" - Gus
"Mom, this part is my favorite... it looks good with my nails" - Gus
A pillow made for two - or three if Attila would join us

On the Guest Bed

Attila wouldn't model on the pillow, so I just took his picture being cute!
Every night, Gus gets in bed and the pillow falls on his head, because he is pulling it over on himself.  Every night he panics, flips it over and lays on it.  Apparently, afternoon pillow modeling is no different. 
So, what do you think?  I really like it and was thinking of making 3 more to go on my guest bed.  The comforter is dark brown with beige sheets.  I think it would spruce up the room and the blue in the argyle and dots matches the walls.  It could be an easy way to make my guest room a little more personal.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lake Day

Yesterday, we went out on Chickamauga Lake, near Chattanooga, Tennessee.  A huge thanks to Kara and her family for the boat and accommodations!  Anyways, the Craft Rescue Hero and I took our furbabies out to the lake for a day of boating and fun. 
We had a great time, well, almost everyone did.  My little Gus HATES the water, the boat, and the car ride to get there. We put him in the water and he tried to climb up the pontoons to get back in the boat.  Panic is truly the only word to describe it!  We put him on a float, held him against my chest, nothing would do - he is a landlover (like his mom). 
However, my Attila loved the water!  He was swimming like a fish and chasing another dog in the water.  He even jumped off the boat to swim with Craft Rescue Hero!  He also spent a lot of time laying with our friend Kelly on a float.  He was so happy!
Now, since I am a great dog-mom I packed my camera to capture all the great moments... and then promptly did not take any pictures.  So, we had a photo shoot this morning with two very sleepy dogs!  Attila fell over in his life vest, he was so tired.  Gus took one look at his vest and ran the other direction.  He was hiding from Brad, but we snagged him to get some great pictures. 
It may not be the lake, but it is the living room!
"Really Dad?  Wasn't yesterday enough?"
"Do NOT put me in today!"
"Where's the water Dad?"
"Maybe I'll swim after my nap"
"I am so handsome"
"Are you happy now?"
"Can this be our Christmas Card Mom?"
I love Gus' "Batman" ears in the last picture!  They were so good - most likely because they are exhausted!  It is noon now, and they have not been awake for more than 10 minutes since we left the lake about 10:30 last night!  I love these guys - they truly are spoiled furbabies!
I'd like to give Outward Hound dog life vests a shoutout!  They are fabulous, secure, and have a super hand on the top that helps you lift your pup out of the water, for any reason.  And, they are reasonably priced at PetSmart!  We have two and they have held up really well over two summers!