Friday, July 1, 2011

Patio Pillows

So, I am not a lame kid who just gave her mom paperclips for her birthday!  I had a second awesome project that I created. 

So, my crafting Achilles heel is cutting.  It seems like every blog I read has got some fabulous new pillow on their porch.  I was thinking, what can I use that would be tough and durable at the lake, and I didn't have to cut it out???? 
Cloth napkins! 
They are super durable, washable, and just the right size!  I matched a printed and a solid napkin to make a super pillow!  
 I sewed around the edge, leaving a fairly large hole to shove the pillow through.  Then, in the hole, I sewed in Velcro (thanks youtube tutorial) and it closes up seamlessly (no pun intended).  I can post a more descriptive tutorial is people want... If you are even a semi-experienced sewer, I know you don't need one!  
 I made four in total... they are great for outdoor spaces because the whole thing is washable.  Cover and pillow and they separate for easy cleaning!  Hopefully, we can give them a try out at the lake this weekend!  What do you all think???

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Better Than A Bookmark

My mom's birthday was earlier this week and I wanted to find her something really awesome.  She is currently in two book clubs and does a lot of reading!  Her goal is a book a week this year - you go girl!  Anyways, if you've ever been to book club, or a college seminar on a book, you know that you can never find that exact spot you wanted to share when it is your turn.  The elusive page...

So, I found a solution while I was wasting time hanging out on pintrest.  They are from a great blog with super tutorials called how about orange.  The tutorial is on that link.  Anyways, my first attempt was an epic fail (see post below) and I learned a few valuable lessons.

1) If it says you need stiffener, starch will not do.  There is a major difference.
2) The twist tie you need are the cheapies off the bread bag.  My husbands fancy appliance cord ties do not work.  I think I am going to head to Kroger to steal borrow some ties from the bulk aisle. 
3) Any project started at 2:15 in the morning will probably not work out. 

So, after I used stiffener (for your reference, on the glue aisle at JoAnn's) and let the pieces of leftover fabric dry overnight, I took them with my scissors and twist ties to a doctors appointment in the morning.  As I patiently waited my turn, I cut my pieces... mine are a little smaller than oranges... and manipulated them!  They turned out so cute and I love them on the colored paper clip!

Loving the Bow!  (And the houndstooth!)

Need two page marked? no problem!
They are really cute... really simple... and less than $5!  All I had to buy were snappy paperclips!  Not bad for book club!

Epic Fail

So, it's been a while since I had a project totally tank on me.... It happened last night.  Who knew that starch, fabric and a paper clip could be so challenging?  I am reworking the disaster and have some good results on my hands, hopefully!

I'll post a picture later when I finish wrangling paper clips!

But, I do have good things to show... fruit leather is delicious and a fabulous new project with an interesting fabric source!  I'll post pictures tonight (or in the morning)

YUM!  Craft Rescue Hero gives it two thumbs up!

Be sure to check back!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fruit Today... Leather Tomorrow

I am headed home in two days... we will be celebrating a tardy Father's Day and my Mom's birthday (which is today actually - happy day Mom)!  So, I am gathering up all my goodies to take home.  Dad, if you are reading, stop and wait two days - k?

My Dad has a penchant for third grade snacks.  I don't remember this as a child, but since I've moved out, my brother noticed his weird lunch habits.  String cheese and pudding... really?  Anyways, when I was thinking about what would make a delightful Dad's day gift, I thought of homemade fruit leather... I mean for the man who loves kids snacks, its perfect right? 

So I set out to make fruit roll-ups, homemade style, using this recipe... It is in the oven and hopefully by breakfast I'll have something delightful!

Fresh strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a touch of sugar....

And then, I forgot to take a picture of me blending the fruit in a blender.  But I did, and it ended up like this on a cookie tray, in the oven.

 I'll post the final project tomorrow.  I can't wait for a taste... I hope it turns out really well!

On a side note, Craft Rescue Hero was doing undercover work as Dog-De-Stinking Hero and bathing Attila.  Gus got a bath 2 nights ago.  Attila was so cute with a shampoo mohawk.  So, indulge me in my baby dog pictures.

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing!
Look at those big eyes, begging me to take him out of the tub!  Afterwards, he got his hair blow-dryed, and a mani-pedi!  My sweet boy!  And Gus, I love you too!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh Snap!

Remember when that was the big phrase of middle school???  It brings me back to East Cary...

Anyways, I have one more fabulous 4th project!  These are little "goodie bags" for all the people we are going to get to see over the long weekend. The Craft Rescue Hero and I are going home to visit both sides of the family and his Pops will be celebrating his 87th (?? I think) birthday!

I saw this idea on Pintrest and recreated it with everything from my craft supplies, with the exception of the Snap Dragons (and they are on sale at Kroger for 50 cents this week).  I put one box of Snaps in a small jewelry bag.  I stapled on half an index card, with a 3 x 2 3/4 inch clearance paper taped on top.  I used my Cricut to cut out the letters "Oh Snap" and glued them on.  They were pretty easy to put together and super cute!  I just hope I don't blow up my luggage!

Without further ado...

How cool are they?  I think they are super sweet and a great way to say, I am thinking about you!

On a side note, I mentioned Pintrest... if you aren't on Pintrest, it is an incredible way to find new ideas and inspiration.  You can follow me here on the coolest place ever!

 I've linked this bad boy up to a bunch of parties... check my party page for all the awesome sites!