Friday, September 7, 2012

Crafting is...

...not for the faint of heart!

Tonight, Craft Rescue Hero and I were working on a project for school and it took a long time!  Attila and Gus are used to their evening snuggles.  Instead of snuggling, they got to help and learned the hard lesson - crafting is not for the faint of paw!

Attila, in his supervisory capacity

Gus says. "This is too much Mom! Quit volunteering!"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Washi Tape

I don't know if you have discovered the awesomeness that is washi tape, but I absolutely love it!  Washi tape is a decorative masking tape material with all kinds of cute patterns and shapes on them.  I have three rolls and have been eyeballing all kinds of cute prints.  I used one on my "journey" trail mix bags for new teachers and have recently been making my own flat cards to write thank you notes on.

I got both of these tapes from Target in the craft section.  I have seen that at other establishments such as JoAnn's, Walmart, and AC Moore.  They are Smash brand.  But, in a not so subtle manner, which can be verified by my CRH, I have been ogling these tapes at Wishy Washi.  I can't even decide which one of these is my favorite!  Oh, decisions decisions!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pinterest Project: Completed

It is not often that I find myself at the finished end of a Pinterest project!  I was actually really happy with the way this one ended up - which is not often the way things work for me! 
This was my inspiration...

My goal was to eliminate the copious numbers of sticky note to do lists all over my desk at school.  They are constantly getting lost in the paper catastrophe that is living on my desk.  I have never figured out how to tame the mess, regardless of how hard I try!

Anyways, I began my project with a cheap frame from Hobby Lobby.  I loved the flower details, but I wasn't sure my flowers with fabric would look right... my last ones I tried like this looked like a weird cinnamon bun.  So, I figured that I would try another swing at felt flowers, like I made on my wreath earlier this summer that can be found here.  I originally found the tutorial at a delightful blog called Craft Snob. You can find their flower tutorials here.  They have a ton of different types -  I tried the easiest looking ones :)  I cut out my letters on the Silhouette and stuck them to a piece of cardstock using my Xyron sticker maker... It was really simple and took me less than 30 minutes all together!

Anyways, the final project came out really cute and I can't wait to take it to school tomorrow!
Flower Close-Up

Silhouette Letters...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teacher Treats

This year, the mentoring team decided to make little treats for the new teachers between meetings.  A little pick me up between meetings to remind them that they can survive!
This month was suggested by my Mom - way to go Mom!

We are doing a little trail mix for the journey that is teaching!  It truly is a marathon, not a sprint, although each day feels like a sprint in my world!

Anyways, I made a basic trail mix - chex, cheerios, peanuts, raisins, and M&M's.  I put about a cup into each zippy bag and decided to make a cute label.  I love all the printables I see everywhere, but being that we do not own a color printer, I was left to create one on my own.  I used my Silhouette to create the word "journey" and hand-wrote the rest of the card.  It felt a little blank, so I was able to use some Washi Tape from another lady at the Scrappin In the City crop that this little artistic excursion was taking place.  She had the sweetest washi tape that looked just like a road - and perfect for my journey.

I like the way they turned out... they hit the mailboxes tomorrow afternoon!