Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Craft for Kids.... and the Rug

TCAP's are over - HALLELUJAH - and life is about to get really interesting in the sixth grade!  We are getting ready to start a study of Sir Isaac Newton, his three laws, and test them by doing an egg drop.  I don't think the kids are going to be nearly as excited as I am... but that happens a lot. 
In the mean time, I have been entertaining the divas in my homeroom class and have tamed them with crafts.  Who knew?  I saw awesome yarn wrapped eggs on a blog somewhere - wish I could remember where so I can link it up.  So, I bought a bag of plastic eggs and some really cheap tye dye yarn... left over yarn will be used for science projects.  They turned out really well.  Here are some pictures from my homeroom ladies. 
In progress...
All Done!  
The ladies were so proud and I loved the way the yarn turned out.  Instead of looking really crazy, I love the way the colors develop.  A trifle bowl of these would look so nice on an Easter table or at an entrance way.  And, less than $5!

And on to my latest project... the bath mat rug.  After one week of work and exorbitantly developed thumb muscles, I have done the outside circle of color.
I love the way if feels on my toes!  I can't wait to get out of the shower and stand on it.  Perhaps, I am getting a little ahead of myself.  I was going to do the interior color a beige to match the light coffee walls and beige shower curtain - except - we changed the shower curtain to white to make the trim, doors, and vanity pop.  So, I had a conundrum, keep it beige or change to white?  Beige would not really fit, but white would show dirt.... I think I have decided on white.  My CRH (craft-rescue-hero/husband) said to just do a bit of the corner and we can decide.  However, he doesn't like the whole project, so I am a little torn over what to do.  I have cut some white pieces, so we shall see!
Here are a few more pictures to feast your eyes on!
I love how the pieces remind me of hydrangeas!

Even Attila loves the rug... just wait until it has a center... so soft, so sensory!

This part is my favorite mom!

 A handsome boy on a handsome bath mat in the making!

Saturdays, especially rainy, windy ones, are intended for crafting.  Attila, Gus and I have been home all day and we've been snuggling and crafting!  Happy Saturday crafting everyone!

Gus says: A little to the left Mom!

Attila says: Crafting exhausts me!  

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