Monday, April 11, 2011

Crazy Town: Population 1

Once again, my talents may have been over estimated!  For all intensive purposes, I cannot sew.  This will soon be remedied: summer sewing classes at JoAnns.  However, until then, I must appease myself with ridiculous projects involving media I don't know how to work.
  I found a awesome fabric craft that doesn't involve sewing... just cutting (EVEN BETTER, my personal kryptonite)... to make a fabulous bath mat.  I read the directions is included latch hook - check... learned that in elementary school, and cutting - well... that is what a husband is for right?
This blog features a latch hook rug tutorial that seemed simple enough.  I rushed right out to my local Goodwill.  On a side note, may I just say that other people's thrift shop must be waaaaay better than mine, because I always walk out finding nothing and thanking heaven I have all my teeth...  All you craft bloggers brag about your finds.  I just can't seem to do it!  Nonetheless, I did snag a set of sheets for $5 and then insisted that my CRH (Craft Rescue Hero, aka Brad) drop me off at the Hobby Lobby to get the rest of my supplies. 
This was my canvas... a steal at $3.39!

Gus modeling the before fabric... he tried to take it hostage.  But I have a few pounds on him!

Fabric dye, yup.  Latch hook canvas, yup.  Home I went... Brad went out... and to the washing machine I went.  I dyed my fabric navy blue (lies Rit dye, it is a dark royal at best) and started cutting. 
I thought I cut and I cut until I was blue in the face.  Then I made some lines on the outside of my mat to decide where to put the different colors.  Don't ask... I don't know the other color(s) yet!
After an hour of work, I decided to trim the canvas just a touch and redrew my lines. 
After two days of work, this is what I have finished.  Mom is coming for Easter and she said don't finish before (HA!) I get there... we might be lucky if this gets finished before my 73rd birthday - or just in time to move from the bathroom that it matches! 
After two days of work:
One measly row!  Although I have decided on a concentric rectangle pattern... any thoughts on the alternative color? Brown, yellow, green? I just can't decide and my CRH has no opinion!  But he will once his piggies hit this delightfully sensory bathmat at the end of a long day! 
My pigs just can't wait for the fun!
Off I go to latch hook more before bed!  My goal... to be done before the school year is over!

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