Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ribbon Wreaths

In my first adventure into the land of craft blogs, I saw these fabulous ribbon wreaths from Stacy at She's Kinda Crafty!  I love all the different wreaths she makes for every holiday I known to man!  However, being that I am not a fan of holiday decorating, I was wondering how to make these work. 
I mulled it over forever and then realized I needed an awesome gift for my sister-in-law's birthday. This was my big chance to make this wreath.  Next problem: holiday, not holiday; it was a conundrum because I didn't want to make something that was cheesy or she wouldn't use.  And then it struck me.  She and her husband are HUGE NC State fans - they both graduated from there and are forever fans of the wolfpack.  Thus, the NC State ribbon wreath was born.
Before the work...
The finished product!  GO WOLFPACK!

Perhaps my favorite part is the hounds tooth pattern worked in... a nod to my true love of the SEC.
It turned out so cute, I decided my Grandmommie needed one for her new home!  So, I invited my friend Clarissa over to make wreaths dedicated to our love of the SEC; she made a Tennessee wreath and I made a Florida Gator wreath. 
Mid-work session... when the magic is just starting to happen...

The finished product!  How cute is that thing!?!?  I believe we call that Gator Bait!
This is Clarissa's UT wreath.  I love the unique look of the big loops! 

I kinda don't want to give it away now.  And when my mom comes from Easter, I think I may be commissioning a second one.  I think that my love of college football and crafts have created a huge monster made of ribbon!  This could be a starting point for many fabulous sports... and holiday... wreaths! 

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  1. The NC State one looks great on our front door! (on the inside of course... wouldn't want it to get dirty)