Friday, July 1, 2011

Patio Pillows

So, I am not a lame kid who just gave her mom paperclips for her birthday!  I had a second awesome project that I created. 

So, my crafting Achilles heel is cutting.  It seems like every blog I read has got some fabulous new pillow on their porch.  I was thinking, what can I use that would be tough and durable at the lake, and I didn't have to cut it out???? 
Cloth napkins! 
They are super durable, washable, and just the right size!  I matched a printed and a solid napkin to make a super pillow!  
 I sewed around the edge, leaving a fairly large hole to shove the pillow through.  Then, in the hole, I sewed in Velcro (thanks youtube tutorial) and it closes up seamlessly (no pun intended).  I can post a more descriptive tutorial is people want... If you are even a semi-experienced sewer, I know you don't need one!  
 I made four in total... they are great for outdoor spaces because the whole thing is washable.  Cover and pillow and they separate for easy cleaning!  Hopefully, we can give them a try out at the lake this weekend!  What do you all think???

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