Thursday, June 30, 2011

Better Than A Bookmark

My mom's birthday was earlier this week and I wanted to find her something really awesome.  She is currently in two book clubs and does a lot of reading!  Her goal is a book a week this year - you go girl!  Anyways, if you've ever been to book club, or a college seminar on a book, you know that you can never find that exact spot you wanted to share when it is your turn.  The elusive page...

So, I found a solution while I was wasting time hanging out on pintrest.  They are from a great blog with super tutorials called how about orange.  The tutorial is on that link.  Anyways, my first attempt was an epic fail (see post below) and I learned a few valuable lessons.

1) If it says you need stiffener, starch will not do.  There is a major difference.
2) The twist tie you need are the cheapies off the bread bag.  My husbands fancy appliance cord ties do not work.  I think I am going to head to Kroger to steal borrow some ties from the bulk aisle. 
3) Any project started at 2:15 in the morning will probably not work out. 

So, after I used stiffener (for your reference, on the glue aisle at JoAnn's) and let the pieces of leftover fabric dry overnight, I took them with my scissors and twist ties to a doctors appointment in the morning.  As I patiently waited my turn, I cut my pieces... mine are a little smaller than oranges... and manipulated them!  They turned out so cute and I love them on the colored paper clip!

Loving the Bow!  (And the houndstooth!)

Need two page marked? no problem!
They are really cute... really simple... and less than $5!  All I had to buy were snappy paperclips!  Not bad for book club!

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