Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Howl-o-ween!

I may have been off the blogging grid, but I have been crafting, granted at a much slower pace than usual.  Life at school has been more than a little crazy - anyone have any suggestions for teaching atmospheric convection creating wind?

Anyways, we are getting prepared for Halloween at our house by creating costumes for my two tiny bark-or-treaters!  This year, they (and by they, I mean me) decided they should be super heroes.  I bought a pattern to make them capes from a dog coat pattern, but then I realized that I was out of my mind and there was no way I had time for that.  Instead, I bought children's tees from Walmart in 18 month and 24 month sizes.  I followed this tutorial to make a t-shirt into a cape, sans the Velcro neck strap, because it fit over their head no problem. 

I traced Superman and Batman logos onto a leftover piece of white sheet from my bathmat project (found here) and colored them with marker.  So, they can't go in the wash, but it was finished, so I'm okay with that!  Here is the finished product!

Cape Modeling
Letting those capes flap in the breeze
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERGUS!

Dodododododo ATTILAMAN!
Our superpower is cheering up our Grandmommie!
I also learned from this little endeavor that snapping pictures of the dogs while posing them is much easier at 11:30 at night when they have already been asleep for a few hours.  There was no fussing or squabbling!

In other exciting news, my Craft Rescue Hero was on ESPN for his Halloween costume at the UT tailgate on Saturday.  Here he is as a UT Lego Man (all homemade - with no help from his crafty wife)
Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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