Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Wreath

So perhaps part of my posting problem is my recently developed Pinterest problem.  Something about pinning crafty things makes me feel like I have been crafty, when in reality, I've got nothing!  Anyways, I saw these awesome wreaths, found here. I loved the orange one with spider and thought, "I'll just whip myself up one of those."  The blogger said it was time consuming, but I thought that those time expectations don't apply to me.  No, they don't - I should always double them!  Anyways, after cutting 23,290,283 orange circles and bruising my finger tips with straight pins, I think it came out kinda cute!  And, I can use it for UT football season. 
That's a lot of circles!
From afar

Happy Halloween!

I think it turned out pretty cute and a HUGE thanks to my mom who cut the last 100 or so orange felt circles after trimming 2000 Box Tops for Education!

PS - I tried making a spider and it looked like a terrible hairball, so he got the ax!

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