Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Love Bathtime!

Dear Attila,
I love when you take a bath and get squeaky clean.  I love when you get out of the tub and you look like a wet rat.
You smell like dog shampoo and you can't figure out where the stinky new smell is coming from.  And, Gus is completely bewildered about what happened to you (he always goes second in the tub).

 You think you taste funny too.
Then, when you snuggle to get dry, the hair behind your head gets crimped and corkscrewy.  I love that.

And the rest of you looks like a Pomeranian. But, I know you are much smarter than that!
Makes me want to sing Hakuna Matata like a little Simba in puberty.  It makes  you look really fabulous.  Just like when you wear your very snappy glo-stick glasses.
You are one snazzy pup and I love you lots!

Love, Your Doggy-Momma

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