Monday, September 12, 2011

Graduate School Sends Me To Therapy

... Or maybe public school is putting the final nail in my coffin!  I am reading a book for my Ed.S. class on Saturday that is talking about putting in priorities.  I was with them through the first grueling chapter.  Then, I got to chapter 2.  And it became glaringly apparent that these wonderful individuals have never stepped a piggy into a public school during the day.  A scheduled parent conference does NOT count! 

The authors are talking about scheduling tasks and if it isn't scheduled it isn't urgent.  HA!  No one got  a request for a lesson plan at 11:00 (for Friday's lesson) that was due by 3:15 in their time that was tied to their paycheck.  Think closely about merit pay teachers!

I lost a little respect... which is a real bummer since I have another 247 pages to read.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow hopefully :)

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