Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bathroom Art

So, today was make some art day.  I had gathered a ton of ideas from Pintrest and had thoughts swirling through my brain.  But I went simple-ish.  It took me 20 minutes (minus the trip to get the frame) and was FREE (minus the trip to get the frame)!  I made it with materials I had in my scrapbook stash!
Here it is - pre-frame!
I took a few sheets of scrapbook paper and cut them in 1" squares - sans the red square which is 2".  The background paper is the back of a piece of ugly paper that I wasn't going to ever use.  I stuck them to the paper with Photo Splits - a fantastic way to use them up.  (On a side note, I bought new adhesive, but am not allowing myself to use it, until I finish the old stuff... I am afraid I won't ever use it up and it will go to waste.)
Then, I was inspired to make a smaller companion piece for the very large vanity.
I think they go quite nicely with my favorite piece, the Poppies from Pikes Place (yay for Alliteration!)
I framed it and Craft Rescue Hero begrudgingly happily, with a big smile on his face, hung it up this afternoon! 
Here it is from the bathroom door...
It goes nicely with the carboy for beer... oh the joys of the bathroom for beer making!

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