Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiny Clipboards

One of my 12443662 jobs at school this year is being a part of the mentoring team!  I love helping new teachers get settled and answering all those questions that are lingering (it wasn't that long ago that I was new- sniff, sniff).
So, we decided to make an awesome craft for our new teachers to say welcome and it will be okay!  While Jessica, leadership team boss, and I were scrolling pinterest (surprise) we saw these super cute clipboards.  They are really easy to make, we thought.  Then we found out that Chili's no longer carries coasters - WHAT?!?!? Can you believe it?  Anyways, Jessica got put on making our own coaster duty which was a 4x4 square of cardboard with rounded colors. 
We added a 4x4 square of scrapbook paper on the front with double sided adhesive.  Then, we added a glammed up medium size binder clip.  Some has "scrapbook flowers" and some had a little ribbon hot glued on them.  The binder clip held on a new pack of sticky notes!  They turned out super cute and even the boys were faintly excited about it! 
The really good part - pictures!
 Check them out!
The "Finished" Pile!

Set up for the new teachers - owls, footballs, stripes and houndstooth - oh my!
The Fabulous Mrs. White modeling how the tiny clipboard is to be used!
I just love this cute little thing!  What do you think? 
And PS.... it is 100% recycled products - that's right - A FREE CRAFT!  Hooray!

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