Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pacifier Clips

I love my friends from graduate school!  We have become very close throughout many ridiculous assignments in our Masters program and now our EdS.  My wonderful graduate-school-addicted friend Mandy is having a sweet baby girl very soon!  (Kinley, we can't wait to meet you!)

I have been working on a few projects for Kinley and Mandy - one of which is passy clips!  I used ribbon and suspender clips with a little bit of Velcro to make these bad boys work!
(Sorry for the bad pictures - I took them at school!)  I made an orange and white striped one for UT and a black, red, and white one.  I was out of pink ribbon which is probably what she needs for all of her outfits!  I think they turned out really great.  The suspender clip is on one side and the other is Velcro to go around the pacifier handle (?).
I had everything in the house except for suspender clips - not bad for project leftovers for less than $1.49!

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