Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet Frank

School is back in session and while I am excited, I am also mourning the loss of my summer vacation.  I can't believe there will be little faces in my classroom in just a few days. 
If you don't teach, let me let you in on a little secret... we teachers are never satisfied with our classrooms.  Something is always changing and growing in the classroom and we need new goodies to amuse our students.  This year, most of the new things in my room have come from pinterest including my new friend Frank.
Frank's task is to collect answers to my extra credit brain bender of the week.  I think he is just precious. What do you think?
The best part about Frank?  He cost me just $1.67 for the wiggly eyes.  He is a kleenex box wrapped in kraft paper - I used the inside of a roll of wrapping paper.  They don't use tubes any more... cheapskates.  His teeth are made from poster board using a scrapbooking punch and his dots are yard sale dots I colored red.

He says "Give me your extra credit and no one gets hurt!"

Just one new goody for back to school!  Extra credit if you can answer me this:
Jenny has cats and dogs for pets.  All of her pets are cats except for one.  All of her pets are dogs except for one.  How many cats and dogs does Jenny have?  **Remember to think like a 6th grader!**

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  1. It took me longer than I care to admit to figure out the cats & dogs!