Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crayon Wreath with Research Paper Flowers

I have been crafting again and finished a crayon wreath which are all the rage in blog-land.  Mine is going to my classroom to jazz up an empty door.  I keep seeing all these cute flower rosettes to add a little spiff to these wreaths and I'm not going to lie... I can't get mine to look right!  It seemed to easy to be true...  So, after like 12 yards of fabric twirled up and a 1 inch flower, I decided to try a paper flower. 

Now, any flower wouldn't do and I am in the school spirit - going back to teaching next week and starting another round of graduate school soon.  The one thing I am never short of is research articles.  Some are great and some are ... well ... not.  I ended up punching them out with a paper punch and gluing them to a posterboard circle.  I love the way they turned out!  I used buttons to make the insides pop and curled the edges with a pencil. 
My tiny rosette and paper flowers!
Hanging on my craft room door
I really love the way it turned out and the whole thing turned out for less than $5!  Only the crayons and wreath form are new and the crayons were on sale for 25 cents at Kroger - woot woot!

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