Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heartbreak In Craft World

I had this fabulous post all planned out about my first day of sewing class at JoAnn's last night.  It was beautiful, me and my sewing machine by the front door with a self-timer picture.  My fabulous argyle an polka dot pillow case that I was taking to a wedding this weekend to show off.  Life was going to be just right.

Until the phone rang.

Class canceled.  JoAnn's you have broken my heart.  Truly. 

My fabulous post will have to wait 11 days, until my class we rescheduled. 

Don't even THINK about canceling on me again. 
I have big plans for you sewing class - including some fabulous new curtains for my downstairs bathroom re-do that I will start showing you pictures of tomorrow!  Until then, we are off to a wedding in NC! 

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