Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yarn Balls

I found this awesome project on Yarn Balls from the Make and Takes website and it seemed simple enough.... How hard can gluing yarn to a balloon be?  Difficult if you make these mistakes:
Oh so sad little yarn balls... flat, deflated and nothing short of a hot mess!
  1. very large balloons
  2. getting glue on everything except the yarn or balloon
  3. allowing said balloon to deflate while the yarn is still wet, creating a crushed, sad yarn knots
However, on my second attempt, the project is waaaay better!  Nothing irritates me more than when my lovely husband says "You have to have the right tool for the job."  Here it goes Brad,  you were right; the appropriate sized balloons made a huge difference (I survived admission of wrong without any serious damage).  However, the big balloons were already in my craft closet.  The appropriate tools drove me back to the craft section at WalMart.  And the second attempt...
A close up... these are 4" water balloons - a pain in the rump to blow up!
A cookie tray full of happy balloons - appropriate size and all...
A basket full of yarn balls!
Zoom In .... It will be a real bummer when my husband wants his Easter basket back!

Does this make me a basket case I wonder?  All I know is that everyone is going to love these... they already have Gus' seal of approval.  Well, he did hide on the couch after he checked these out.  Perhaps it was too much glue through his sensitive sniffer! 
Gus says "I love them Mom!"

Hope you enjoy and give them a try with more wisdom than I had my first go-round!

Be on the lookout for my next project...  it includes 2 skeins of yarn, standardized tests, and 85 sixth graders!

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