Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teacher Morale

So, going back to school is always a big bummer for me.  While I have been working really hard on my classroom and materials all summer, having to follow a regular schedule and wear dress pants really stinks.  I remember my first year of teaching.  It was at about 3:15 on the very first day with students, after I had jumped over months of hurdles to get this job, that I thought, "Holy Cannoli Batman, this is why teachers quit after one year."  I was exhausted, lost, and I had no idea what I was doing.  Then, I had a wonderful teacher mentor who put brownies in my box and told me I could do it.  Surprisingly, that is all it took and I powered on.  Five years later, I am the brownie baker and full-time teacher cheerleader.

So, for the first day of school, we put treats in the boxes of all of our new teachers.  We also hand-delivered one to our over-worked, super-loved guidance counselor!

The biggest surprise of this whole story is that I got the original idea from Pinterest, but my dad came up with the final detail for it - way to go Dad!  Getting touch with your inner-crafty :)

Without further ado, 7Up Lifting Ways to Start Your First Week of School...

A Treat In The Mailbox Makes A Happy Tuesday!
How cute is that!

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