Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flannel Lined Washcloths

It seems as though everyone I know is having or has had a baby of recent. 
Though there are no babies (with the exception of puppies) in my house, I want in on the baby crafts!
Thus, I thought the flannel lined washcloths were an excellent addition to my classroom, where I teach giant, eleven year old babies.
These washcloths are simple WalMart wash cloths paired with a 11 1/2 inch square flannel sheets.  Even me, an inept sewer could take care of these.  After cutting them, I sewed them, facing in leaving a small hole for flipping it right side out. A second seam around the edge for finishing detail and to close up the hole!
I think they are super cute and they are really soft!  Plus, this whole craft was less than $5!  Yay!
You know you love lime green camo....

Gus is not a fan of modeling...

Attila, my diva, thinks it is smashing!

You can do it too!  It's sew easy!  Pun intended! 

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